Required For All Os's

Building and installing obiwarp requires ruby and rant:

  1. ruby
  2. ruby gems (to install rant) (make sure to follow the post-install directions)
  3. rant (with rubygems: 'gem install rant')

Linux (or Unix)

Requires the g++ compiler.


obiwarp may be built using any of the following compilers:

For Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0: 1. Execute command "rant stamp_templates" while in the 'clib' dir to generate all the .h and .cpp files from templates. 2. Open clib/obiwarp.dsp in visual studio and build Debug or Release For this compiler, tests are not imported and installation of the obiwarp script must be done by hand. [The following directions on installation and testing do not currently apply to MSVC]

Installation and Testing

Basic Installation

rant test
rant install

Detailed Instructions

Unpack the archive

On linux: tar -xzvf <archive-name.tar.gz>


In top level directory at the command line type:  rant
    Binaries will be compiled and placed into the "bin" directory


In top level directory at the command line type:  rant test
(Most tests require Perl [needed for cxxtest])


The proper installation directory is given by (in order of precedence):
    1. command-line argument BIN_DIR=<your_bindir>   (or BINDIR)
        e.g. rant BIN_DIR=/usr/bin
    2. environment variable by the same names (BIN_DIR or BINDIR)
    3. the value of Config::CONFIG['bindir'] in rbconfig.rb

In top level directory at the command line type:  rant install  
You may need su priviledges (e.g., sudo rant install)

Precompiled Binaries:

The linux precompiled binary may work on systems with ''

Optional Components:

A list of potential builds and tests can be found by typing:

rant -T

and these may be installed/run as needed. The Rantfile in the 'clib' dir has lots of other small builds and tests.


valgrind used for memory testing (linux only)

Conversion Scripts

"lmat2lmata", "lmata2lmat", "mat2mata", "mata2mat" Allow the conversion from ascii to binary for equivalent formats. Install by typing:

rant clib/install_converters

Image Generation

obiwarp can write .png image files of the various dynamic programming components (obiwarp --images) if the program matrix2png is installed.